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One of the most important tools for any self storage owner is self storage management software. This software allows you to manage your facility more efficiently and helps you keep track of your tenants and units.

Self storage software is a great tool to help you manage your facility. With this software, you can manage occupancy rates, collect payments, keep track of units. You can also keep track of who is renting units and when their rental agreement expires. This information can be helpful if you need to contact someone about renewing their rental agreement or if you need to evict a tenant. 

The best self storage software will be intuitive, easy to use, and offer low to no monthly licensing fees. Software such as Easy Storage Solutions or Unit Trac are well-known for their power and ease of use. 

Self Storage Owner Tools For Savvy Investors

Self storage owners have a number of tools at their disposal to help run their business more smoothly. In addition to self storage management software, insurance is an important component of running a successful business. Insurance protects you from a number of risks and can help improve your facility's operations. Not to mention, offering tenant protection against theft, damage, and loss can go a long way in encouraging repeat business. When it comes to choosing the right self storage owner tools, doing your research is key.

Exceeding Your Self Storage Software Expectations

Simplify your business with Easy Storage Solutions’ self storage management software. Our self storage software is easy to use, simple to manage and comes at an affordable price. We make running your self storage business easy, so you can focus on the business instead of the operations. Manage your time more efficiently, and have control of your operations. Our management software comes with all the features you need to succeed and more. We are your all-in-one storage solution.

A self storage alarm system will:

Our self storage software comes with a website that allows your tenants to rent units and make payments online 24/7. The website is mobile-friendly and fully integrated into your management software so it will always show real-time availability. Our websites create a simple, user-friendly customer experience for your tenants.

Allow your tenants to keep a card on file for quick payments, or set up automatic billing. With the autopay feature, the self storage management software will automatically charge your tenants each month via ACH or Debit/Credit cards.

Our self storage software uses a payment reminder system that will automatically remind your tenants via email and text when their payments are due. This allows you to ensure your tenants never miss a payment or get behind.

Customer reviews

"I would recommend the Easy Storage Software to anyone. It is one of the best things you could ever do for your business. It comes with a website that you can take payments online and rent storage units online as well as set people up on auto pay. The other cool thing that I like is that the software will email or txt message invoices out each month so that I don't have to mail them out anymore. Their customer support is great too! They always call me right back if I don't get them the first time or email me back when email support. Ken and Jimmy have been easy to work with and have always tried to work with me on certain issues."
Greg A.
This software is great for our smaller storage facility. It's still web-based which we like, we can access it from our smartphones or tablets, and the functionality of the software keeps us able to compete with the bigger facilities. We can have people rent online, they can pay online, they can see what's available, they can check their accounts. So it's really focused on the tenant and helping them make things easy. The auto emails and text messages that go out for the invoices helps save us a lot of time and money with collections as well. User friendly, Great product, and Great customer service. I Highly recommend checking these guys out!
Henry Patterson​
"Awesome software/platform and look forward to using at all our future self storage facilities. Great customer service and vast array of services that can be customized to our needs."
D. Brown​