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What is a Self Storage, and do you need one?

Self storage owners have a number of tools at their disposal to help run their business more smoothly.
In addition to self storage management software, insurance is an important component of running a successful business.
Insurance protects you from a number of risks and can help improve your facility's operations. Not to mention, offering tenant protection against theft, damage, and loss can go a long way in encouraging repeat business.
When it comes to choosing the right self storage owner tools, doing your research is key.
Make sure to partner with a company that has decades of experience in the self storage industry. This will ensure that you get a plan tailored specifically for your needs.
With the right tools, managing a self storage facility can be easy and profitable!

Sail the Seas with Changing Technologies!

A self storage alarm system will:

Our self storage software comes with a website that allows your tenants to rent units and make payments online 24/7. The website is mobile-friendly and fully integrated into your management software so it will always show real-time availability. Our websites create a simple, user-friendly customer experience for your tenants.

Allow your tenants to keep a card on file for quick payments, or set up automatic billing. With the autopay feature, the self storage management software will automatically charge your tenants each month via ACH or Debit/Credit cards.

Our self storage software uses a payment reminder system that will automatically remind your tenants via email and text when their payments are due. This allows you to ensure your tenants never miss a payment or get behind.