What is a Self Storage, and do you need one?

Online Rentals

Convenience can make a difference in whether or not business owners complete a sale. Offering online rentals allows facilities to rent out units 24/7 , no matter where the tenant is located. The best online rental software equips self-storage facility owners with the ability to complete electronic lease agreements, essentially automating the rental process. 24-hour rental services ensure that self-storage facilities of all sizes remain competitive with big box facilities without sacrificing exceptional customer service.

A Sleek Website

In 2023, a sleek and navigable website is a non-negotiable asset for every business owner. It acts as the digital front door to your storage facility. This is many users’ first impression of your business. A great website is not just aesthetics (although that is important!) It also encompasses user-friendliness, accessibility, and whether or not your website is helpful at equipping potential customers with the information they need to make a purchase. For self-storage facility owners, an exceptional website can also operate as a medium for content delivery, tenant portals, online rentals, bill pay, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

Even if the term Search Engine Optimization (or, SEO) sounds unfamiliar, you have certainly experienced its impact. Any time you have typed a search query into Google and clicked the most convenient result at the top of the page, you have experienced the power of SEO. While this is a vital tool for self-storage business owners in 2023, it is a time-intensive task that facilities may not have the resources to dedicate. That’s where options like Storage Commander step in to assist in leveraging SEO to increase your self-storage facility’s online presence to reach more customers and generate more business. This works hand-in-hand with effective web design to create an experience that is user-friendly while positioning you as your industry’s go-to expert.

Simplified Payments

Dealing with third-party payment processors can be a hassle, especially for small to mid-sized self-storage facilities. Facility owners and tenants alike benefit from a simplified payment software that centralizes the payment process, eliminates hidden fees, and cuts out the middleman when it comes to getting payment support. In fact, simplified payments have even managed to return over 17% savings for some facility owners! It’s a deceptively simple change that can make a huge difference to your self-storage facility’s bottom line.